My name is Frank Sellingsloh and I’m the CEO and co-owner of the FU International Academy Tenerife. Within our company’s umbrella we have a few different areas..

Our Brands

FU International Academy: A Spanish Language School where we teach students, professionals and learners of all levels Spanish in our two locations in the South (Costa Adeje) and the North (Puerto de le Cruz) of Tenerife.

SEOintheSun: A digital marketing agency where we also teach online marketing training courses to a range of people from business owners, to entrepreneurs, to students to professionals.

Coworking in the Sun: A space for remote workers, digital nomads and travellers to get access to a high speed, high quality internet, shared desk spaces with other like minded professionals with access to private call rooms too.

Learning in the Sun: We work with EU-Funded international mobility projects such as Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig and Erasmus+, helping students secure hotel, sport and business placements throughout the Canary Islands. In addition we also act as a host organization for our online marketing courses and host interns within our companies.

FU Cafe: On site we also have a cafe with a large sunny back patio, the cafe serves a wide variety of food, drink and alcohol, so you can always find something to suit your mood!

Although all of these pieces are separate entities with their own objectives and areas, I will be referring to them as one company, as it all started with FU International Academy. So let me tell you more about my vision and the values of this “life changing” company.


The ideas and the concept that I had in mind for the FU International Academy is evident from its name, which is indeed not the most original one, but is, nonetheless, striking.

The inception of the international academy in Tenerife is as a result of my personal interest in languages, digital marketing, teaching, travel, other cultures, and, of course, my love for this island.

For years, because of our obvious passion for what we teach, students of Spanish, online marketing, trainees, participants in international mobility projects and – more recently – digital nomads from around the world have already found their way to us, to Puerto de la Cruz and Costa Adeje.

For many of them their stay with us has become a milestone in their lives, creating a wealth of diverse and happy memories. Therefore, I justifiably call the FU International Academy a “ life changing company”, and for me, it always has been.

Core Values

Among those values that are most important to me and the team at FU International Academy, are professionalism, excellence, honesty, and therefore – open communication.

“Las cosas bien hechas” Spanish parents repeat to their children from an early age, which roughly translates to “everything should be done properly”. And this is how things are handled at our school, too. Our entire success is based on that concept. We give our best in all areas, and we are proud to be regularly commended on this by our partners, customers, and students.

We all hate false promises. With us, you can be sure that you’ll get exactly what we have stated on our website, as well as what we have declared in our emails and on the phone.

As a customer, you should consider yourself to be a part of the FU-family, and therefore, feel free to discuss anything you want with us. Provide us with feedback any time you wish – we welcome praise as well as criticism. Your evaluation is invaluable to us as it assists us with improving ourselves daily and being the best team we can be moving forwards.

Goals 2019

Of course, we have set concrete goals for 2019, too.

More Spanish Online Classes is one big fat goal for us in 2019. We are offering a couple of options already but plan to constantly create more class types and courses to learn Spanish online, also free ones.

In addition, under the brand SEOintheSUN we will continue to offer more SEO services and new courses, developing our digital marketing offering and sharing our expertise with a new generation of marketers and anyone who wants to improve their digital marketing, in fact, we accept all levels!

So, we have achieved a lot, but as we grow year on year, there’s a lot more we’d like to get done!

Seeing our family, alumni and students develop, evolve and grow every year is one of the most rewarding experiences I could ask for.

All of the aforementioned would not have been possible without the fantastic team I can count on every single day.

We are: Spanish Teachers. Digital Marketers. World Travellers. Students. Foodies. Family.

We are FU International Academy.

Our Team


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